Becoming a More Assertive Teacher: Maximizing Strengths, Establishing Boundaries, and Amplifying Your Voice


Being cooperative, empathetic, and accommodating are great qualities for teachers but can also lead to higher rates of frustration and eventually burnout. In this empowering new book from Brad Johnson and Jeremy Johnson, find out how becoming more assertive can help highly agreeable teachers thrive. 

First, take personality quizzes to find out how agreeable or assertive you are! Then the authors delve into why that matters. You’ll find out how assertiveness differs from aggression and passivity and why it is a valuable tool for teachers, so you can stand up for your own needs and rights while respecting the needs and rights of others. Chapters cover establishing healthy boundaries, learning when to say no, dealing with conflicts, becoming more self-aware, leveraging your strengths, finding your voice, and more!

As a school leader, do you ever have trouble striking a balance between being agreeable and pleasing your staff, while also being assertive and making the hard decisions? In this empowering new book from Brad Johnson and Jeremy Johnson, you’ll discover the tools and insights you need to fine-tune your leadership style and maximize your effectiveness while still building a great culture.

You’ll learn how to find the balance between assertiveness and compassion that’s right for you, allowing you to address challenges with confidence and empathy. You’ll also explore the art of emotional intelligence and its role in building a harmonious school culture, where staff and students thrive. Each chapter is filled with practical strategies and examples to help you build your skills.

As you find your edge as a leader, you’ll improve your results for the school and your relationships with staff, and you’ll feel more fulfilled in your personal journey as well!


Dear school leader, you have a big impact on your teachers and students! In this follow up to the bestselling Dear Teacher, motivational speaker Dr. Brad Johnson provides 50 inspiring quotes for leaders, along with stories and practical takeaways, to thank you for all that you do and to help you thrive in your role.

Dr. Johnson covers topics such as focusing on your assets instead of your agenda; remembering your purpose; embracing failure; overcoming imposter syndrome and decision fatigue; celebrating the small things; becoming a world class you; and more!

The book is perfect to gift to the principals and other administrators in your life, or for your own nightly reading as you reflect on the day. The uplifting advice will help you focus on your purpose in this profession– and will help you remember that even when you’re having a bad day, you’re making a positive difference!


Dear teacher, you are appreciated! This inspirational book, written by motivational speakers Brad Johnson and Hal Bowman, provides daily encouragement to thank you for all that you do in the classroom and beyond. Johnson and Bowman offer quotes and powerful stories for 100 days of the school year, highlighting topics such as celebrating small successes, bringing out the best in your students, knowing your worth, and being all in. The book is perfect for teachers of all grade levels, and for principals to buy their teachers for schoolwide morale, to keep teachers feeling their best. The uplifting advice will remind you why you’ve chosen this profession and the impact you have on others!


In Putting Teachers First, author and speaker Brad Johnson offers tons of invaluable tips for building and maintaining strong, dynamic relationships with your teachers, leading to greater job satisfaction, lower turnover, and improved performance across the board. You’ll learn how to boost teacher morale and drive engagement by providing sincere feedback and recognition, creating incentives for teaching excellence, building trust between all faculty members, and more.


This book shows principals how they can accelerate their impact and make a difference from day one. Speaker and author Dr. Brad Johnson offers new and experienced principals authoritative advice on how to succeed in key areas: understanding the best leadership traits; developing positive relationships with staff; building a dynamic team culture; and creating a unified vision. Each chapter includes inspiring stories and practical examples for leaders in all types of school districts. Using these strategies, you will learn how to immediately maximize your influence over yourself, your staff, and the entire school culture.

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