Doctor Brad Johnson- Education Public Speaker


Dr. Johnson’s public speaking skills are highly regarded in the education community. He has honed his ability to engage audiences through years of experience speaking at conferences and workshops around the world.

One of Dr. Johnson’s greatest strengths as a public speaker is his ability to connect with his audience. He understands that the educators he is speaking to have a unique set of challenges and needs, and he tailors his presentations to address those specific concerns. He uses real-world examples and anecdotes to help educators see how his strategies and tools can be applied in their own classrooms.

Another key aspect of Dr. Johnson’s public speaking style is his use of humor. He knows that educators face a lot of stress and challenges on a daily basis, and he uses humor to help alleviate some of that tension. This not only makes his presentations more enjoyable but also helps his audience stay engaged and focused.

Dr. Johnson’s presentations are highly informative. He draws on his extensive research and expertise to provide practical strategies and tools that educators can use to improve their teaching practice. He breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand terms and provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement these strategies.



Dear Teacher: Professional Development for Teachers and Administrators

Dear Teacher is a program meticulously crafted to support educators in their journey towards excellence. Led by Dr. Johnson, this transformative experience empowers teachers to realize their full potential and become world-class educators. It’s about banishing self-doubt and embracing the true power within, enabling you to make a significant impact in the lives of your students.

This session recognizes the importance of self-talk in fostering assertiveness and overcoming imposter syndrome among educators. Through empowering techniques and strategies, teachers learn to silence self-doubt and cultivate a mindset of confidence and competence. By embracing their unique strengths and abilities, educators can overcome imposter syndrome and step into their role as impactful leaders in the classroom and beyond.

Empowering Students: Transitioning from Management to Accountability

Empowering Students: PD for Teachers

In this dynamic presentation, we explore the shift from traditional classroom management to fostering a culture of accountability. Through understanding non-conforming student behaviors and leveraging concepts like the Pygmalion Effect, Educere, and divergent learning, educators gain valuable insights into creating an environment that promotes growth and learning. Focusing on students’ talents and passions is emphasized as a key to their success; even non-conforming students greatly benefit from these approaches. This session equips teachers with practical strategies to encourage resilience, creativity, and constructive engagement among students, ensuring that each individual can thrive in the classroom and beyond.


Leadership Edge- Professional Development for School Leaders

Discover your Leadership Edge, mastering effective communication, confident decision-making, and precise problem-solving to enact positive change in your school community. Emphasize the crucial balance between compassion and assertiveness as you develop exceptional leadership grounded in self-awareness and emotional intelligence. With guidance from Dr. Johnson, uncover your unique strengths and deepen your understanding of leadership potential. Ready to step into your role as an exceptional leader? Embark on a journey of growth, elevating your leadership while honing the skills of balancing compassion and assertiveness. Unlock the true power of your leadership, fostering excellence in your school environment. Don’t miss this chance to become the leader you aspire to be


Dynamic Teamwork: PD for Teachers and Admin

V Principles redefines collaboration in education, providing practical strategies for educators to build dynamic teamwork. By leveraging collective wisdom, it amplifies creativity and instructional strategies, fostering vibrant learning environments. This approach empowers educators to join a supportive community focused on continuous improvement. With V Principles, collaboration becomes a practical tool for transformative impacts on student learning. It’s time for educators to embrace this approach, revolutionizing education for the better.


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